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These classes make up the bulk of our offering, and for good reason. Every day, something new. We’ll combine barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastics, and cardio movements to build strength, improve mobility, and make you faster, and leaner.


No prior Functional Fitness experience?

No problem, we will set you on the best path to better and safer movement with our Fundamentals course. This is a great way for us to ensure you are fully familiar with the gym, what we do, our ethos, and, of course, our community before you start your first Black Wolf workout!

Get in touch to catch up with one of our coaches.

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Time to roll up your sleeves and settle in to longer workouts designed to get the blood pumping!

You won’t see barbells, or the more complex gymnastics movements; these are simpler sessions with less of a focus on skill development... it's more about the work. Burn fat, and build that engine.

No prior experience needed! Just a willingness to work...

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Specialist sessions focusing solely on Olympic Weightlifting.

Learn the intricacies of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, whilst building the strength and power you'll need to excel at this discipline.

Beginners classes are suitable for complete beginners with no experience in Olympic Weightlifting, before moving on to the regular sessions.

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You'll find everything you need to progress with your fitness in our classes, but every so often you might want to work on something specific to you.

Perhaps there's a skill you want to master or just one goal you're keen to achieve. Book in with one of our coaches for a one to one session.

For those of you looking to fast track the Fundamentals Course, one to one sessions with a coach are a great option.

No experience required.

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The Black Wolf Boss. Ex pro Rugby player with military experience. Ad is passionate about Functional Fitness and getting the best out of everyone he works with.


An ex elite gymnast with 11 Years of experience teaching Physical Education. Dani heads up our Black Wolf Teens programme and Sweat! sessions.


National Olympic Weightlifting champion, with an eye for form. Jack's commitment to his sport shines through in his coaching.

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